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  • Uniform Information

    The St. John's uniform can be purchased at DENNIS Uniform: online or the store located at 3465 West Alabama, Suite A. Information regarding the Used Uniform Sale will be announced at a later date. For more information on DENNIS Uniform, click here.


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  • Physical Education & Athletics

    Middle School students are required to participate in PE and athletics. More information will be provided in the Class of 2031 Parent Orientation on April 10.

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  • Private Instrument Lessons

    For enrolled students, St. John's offers private on-site instruction in violin, flute, clarinet, and piano: 
    • For more information regarding violin, flute, and clarinet lessons, please click here.
    • For more information regarding piano lessons, please click here.

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  • Orchestra Placement Process

    Middle School students requesting placement in an orchestra ensemble other than the beginning level will be asked to submit an Ensemble Placement Video demonstrating their playing no later than Wednesday, May 1. The Orchestra Director will communicate video guidelines by email shortly after Enrollment Contracts are due. Students from whom no video is submitted will be placed in the beginning level class for their instrument.


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  • Security

    The School asks that parents place a small, circular SJS decal on the lower, passenger side of their car front windshield. Decals are available at the reception areas and parents desks. We have fully implemented the Raptorware Visitor Management System to help track all campus visitors, including parents, vendors, and contractors. When school visitors check in, we will ask for a valid, government-issued form of identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) that will be scanned by the system. The IDs will be matched against the 50 states’ public sex offender databases, as well as data entered by the School on custody issues and restraining orders. The system will alert us to any person who might jeopardize the safety of the campus. This is not a comprehensive criminal background search—no other criminal information (traffic tickets, warrants, misdemeanors, or felonies) can be searched. Parents and visitors are required to wear their badges the entire time they are on campus. Vehicular traffic through gate 1 or 9 drivers will be required to show their parent, visitor badge, or identification at or near the gate to be granted access.

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  • Lower & Middle School

    Cell phone use is prohibited while driving on campus. All cars must enter the Lower School and Middle School carpool lanes from West Alabama (Gate 9) for morning and afternoon carpool. The safest and easiest entry into the chute off West Alabama is from the westbound side (right turn). Lower School parents will stay to the right in the chute, and Middle School parents will stay to the left. If you have both Lower and Middle School students in your carpool, please default to the Lower School drop-off area. 

    A left turn from eastbound W. Alabama is only permissible during non-peak carpool hours for Middle School and is at the sole discretion of the traffic officer. The officer may require you to continue on to the westbound traffic line. Lower School should always approach from the east making a right turn into the Lower School lane during carpool hours.

    Five or six cars will be loaded at one time and then dispatched. Please abide by the seat belt law before leaving the chute; however, the driver may be directed to pull forward in the lane while passengers complete buckling their belts to maintain the flow on the carpool line. Drivers may not leave the car. If stowing backpacks in the trunk of the car is preferred, students must be able to independently load their backpacks in the trunk. Students will enter cars only from the right. When exiting the carpool, vehicles are required to make a right turn onto Buffalo Speedway.

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